General Queries
  • What is Desktop as a Service?
    • Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) is a form of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in which the VDI is outsourced and handled by a third party. Also called hosted desktop services, Desktop-as-a-service delivers as a cloud service along with the apps needed for use on the virtual desktop

  • What is a Management Platform?
    • A data management platform, is a centralized system for collecting and analyzing large sets of data originating from disparate sources.

  • What is Hyper-visor?
    • A hyper-visor is a hardware virtualization technique that allows multiple guest operating systems (OS) to run on a single host system at the same time. The guest OS shares the hardware of the host computer, such that each OS appears to have its own processor, memory and other hardware resources.

  • What are the key features of DaaS?
    • Centralized Management, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support, Secure End-User Environment and a lot more.

  • Who should use DaaS?
    • DaaS can be used by everyone ranging from Small business enterprises to Large Businesses. They give you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and have all the information you need in one convenient and secure location.

  • What is a hosted Desktop?
    • In a hosted desktop, employees turn on their devices and access all the files and programs they need. So it works essentially the same way as a standard desktop. The main difference is, rather than being stored on a server, all the files and programs you need are kept at a secure data center and delivered over the Internet.

  • What is hybrid hosted Desktop?
    • With a hybrid model, businesses deploy and manage both on-premises and cloud-hosted services. Under the hybrid approach, these models exist separately, but they also interact with each other to provide a range of combined benefits.

  • Are services scalable?
    • One of the best things about the cloud is that it’s fully scalable, so adding additional space to accommodate growth (or scaling back) isn’t an issue at all. Setting up new accounts for new employees and ordering more storage space or applications can be done in a matter of minutes. What’s more, with DaaS, you only ever pay for what you need.

  • Are hosted Desktops expensive?
    • No. The cloud has made enterprise-level hardware affordable. Our fully managed service are proven to improve your IT infrastructure, available for one affordable monthly cost. What’s more, the cloud can help you reduce your costs with no costly hardware to install or maintain.

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Client Queries
Peripherals Queries
  • What is a Server/Bare Metal Server?
    • A server is a computer, a device or a program that is dedicated to managing network resources. A bare metal server is all about raw hardware. It is a single-tenant physical server that is completely dedicated to a single customer. It’s best utilized when you have data-intensive workloads that prioritize performance and reliability.

  • What is a Thin Client?
    • Thin clients function as regular PCs, but lack hard drives and typically do not have extra I/O ports or other unnecessary features. Since they do not have hard drives, thin clients do not have any software installed on them. Instead, they run programs and access data from a server.

  • What if I need to use CD/DVD ROM?
    • CD/DVD ROM redirection is supported upon connectivity to environment, users will be able to access to portable drives just like they would on local physical machine.

  • What if I need to use a pen drive?
    • Pen drive redirection is supported upon connectivity to environment, users will be able to access to pen drives just like they would on local physical machine.

  • What if I need to use a printer?
    • Printer redirection is supported upon connectivity to environment, users will be able to access to printers just like they would on local physical machine.

  • Can I use an additional web-cam to make Skype calls?
    • Yes, you can configure an additional web-cam which has a compatible USB cable.

Support Queries
  • Who will provide support to end users?
    •’s highly professional team can provide support to end users via portal or chat.

  • Who pays for hardware and software upgrades?
    • covers the Hardware and Software cost upgrades, updating to latest OS updates/versions, or when it comes to upgrading bare-metal hardware. Clients will only be paying for their selected subscription cost and will only pay extra when upgrading resources like CPU vCores, memory etc. additional to their subscribed plan.

  • How does provides software licensing?
    • provides licenses with your package in the form of Add-ons, supports BYOL (Bring your Own License). For more details, you can drop email at

  • Where is data stored and who owns the data?
    • Customer data is stored on the centralized and secured data center environment, providing clients with data integrity and backup solutions. The data is also available and customers are entitled to access the specific data by connecting with clients.

  • We have compliance requirements, Is the right solution?
    • Yes, hosted environment is compliant with PCI, HIPPA and is not only limited to these, It’s also providing cyber security and DDoS protection.

  • Where is the data located?
    • All the data, files and programs you need to run your business are stored on servers at a secure data center. Your desktop uses the Internet to connect to those servers and deliver everything you need to your device.

  • What if, my Internet goes down?
    • While we cannot control your Internet issues, should it go down, you will still be able to access your hosted desktop from another location or device with Internet Connectivity. This is a better and lower risk option than having your server fail and being left with no alternatives.

  • How quickly can I access my data?
    • You can access your data almost immediately, on any Internet enabled device. What’s more, the right hosted desktop solution will keep your data robust, safe, and secure with automated backup services and best-in-class recovery processes.

  • How can I connect to my cloud workstation?
    • After you receive login credentials and visit client application for the first time, you will be prompted for credentials by a selection box.

  • What are the specs needed for my end point hardware/PC?
    • session can be accessed virtually from any hardware device (such as Windows or Linux PC’s, tablets or Chrome books) that meets your requirements.

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